Posted by: Kaushik | December 20, 2008

It’s a nice day for white weddings yeah

I went back to Bangalore last weekend for my cousin’s wedding. Initially, weddings used to be long drawn out affairs. Well, they still are in some parts of the country. But, not for us South Indians and particularly Tamilians at that. We believe in the get in get out funda for South Indian weddings. I believe that’s the reason for the origin of the phrase ‘thale kateetu varein’ which in essence means I shall show my head and disappear. Traditionally, weddings would happen early in the morning. But, even then weddings would not culminate so early as to deny the guests the chance of breakfast and lunch together. Typically, a wedding would start by 7:30-8 and traditionally, everyone gets up in Madras by 5:30 to ensure they’re in time to watch the to-be married couple sit on the swing. Then the guests would believe in partaking in a good breakfast topped up by filter coffee. Then, the kanyadaan and tying of the knot would ensure the ‘money shot’ of the wedding would be over by 10-10:30 which would then ensure it would be time for lunch. Anyway, I digress. South Indian weddings are gladly accepting the importing the concepts of mehendi and sangeeths and cocktails into their wedding process as well. This, in part can be attributed to globalization. As one’s friends and family are in far flung corners of the globe, various events are spread out over a number of days to ensure that said friends and family can attend weddings according to their convenience.

I landed in Bangalore on a Friday night at 9:30 and I rushed off quickly to see my aunt, uncle and their beautiful 9 month old baby who were going back to the States later that night. My beautiful cousin was fast asleep but she looks oh so cute. I finally managed to get home at 11 and then of course my mum made Dubs and me dosas. For the uninitiated, Dubs is my brother. A very merry dinner followed with catching up and jokes and repartee and of course my stupid dog not letting us eat because of his insistence that he be petted all the time.

I set off next morning for the mehendi. I reached there and was thankful to find members of my family there whom I could hide behind in case I was called out to dance. But, the bride’s friends had prepared dances and were rather good in their execution. There were impromptu skits with very bad punning of how the bride and groom met. Furthermore, the bride’s aunts probably stole the show with dance renditions of ‘parde mein rehene do’ and many other myriad hits. I skipped out after most of the items to meet some friends and my cousin for lunch at 3 Stori. I think I shall save my love for 3 Stori for another post J But suffice to say, an extremely enjoyable lunch went on till 4:30 and we then trooped off to Corner House for dessert. I then dropped Utopia off at her new home in Koramangala and then ran home to get changed and go for the cocktails event in the evening. I then picked up Par and we headed to the Atria hotel. But, the new one-ways did confuse me a little bit as it had been ages since I’d been to the Atria. The last time I went there was for my dad’s friend’s 50th birthday where I was a couple of pitchers of beer down and subsequently proceeded to drink more at the party. The party was fun and the music was a tad bit loud. But, I was with one of my favourite people so all in all, an enjoyable time really.

Sunday was Chandu’s birthday and we went to Tavern for a few beers and of course topped off with a milkshake for me and ice cream for Chandu at the Bowring tea stall. It’s a ritual we have followed for years now. After that, I set off for the reception and met up with the usual gang and a fair dose of family as well. I thought we were going to call it an early night but then one of our classmates from the LSE decided that she wanted to go someplace and drink. Then, of course being the gracious hosts that we are, we readily agreed. Like, it takes much convincing! We finally zeroed in on Zara and it was quite nice. Rather different from the one in Madras though. But, a nice time was had all the same.

Then of course next morning came the wedding with tons of family and dropping and picking up family and the like. And, I got going in the evening to the airport to head back to Delhi. It was slightly eventful for sure. My cabbie got caught by the cops for breaking the speed limit on the speed cameras while I was dozing in the back seat. Quite exciting no?

I managed to finish a couple of books as well. I finished Netherland by Joseph O’ Neill which was rather off beat and interesting. I only wished I knew New York better to better appreciate the descriptions of the areas. I also finished Mark Haddon’s –‘A Spot of Bother’ almost one and a half years after I got it. Sort of like when Roswitha gifted me Neil Gaiman’s American Gods which I loved but finished a year after I got it. I’ve started reading Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman and I hope it’s as good. and belatedly, congratulations to Tarunya who’s wedding I couldn’t make it to. I hope you’re very happy!


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