Posted by: Kaushik | December 3, 2008

it’s so blah

The month of November couldn’t have gone by any slower. Every day felt like a long trip to eternity in itself. After having successfully completed all the pressing formalities that needed to be completed, I was ready to move on I thought. Little did I know, that it was going to be so difficult. For the first time in months, I actually can sleep late on Sunday morning. I have the weekends free to myself and I don’t know what to do.

I literally went on a tour of Delhi on Friday and Saturday. I went to Karol Bagh to stay with my aunt at her guesthouse as she was in town from Bombay for the weekend. Subsequently, I went to Punjabi Bagh in the afternoon to have lunch at her friend’s house. I know I’ve noticed this before. But, man Delhi is huge! We subsequently went to Gurgao to stay in another friend’s extremely swanky residence. I spent Saturday watching cheesy movies like Intolerable Cruelty, the Holiday and for the umpteenth time Pride and Prejudice. I managed to reread Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer, a teenage favourite of mine.

I also started reading Netherland by Joseph O’ Neill and I quite like it so far. Next on the list of course is the gazillion other books I’ve bought in the last few months without reading any. But late into Saturday night, my aunt was asking if I feel lonely in Delhi. While this loneliness question has been a recurrent theme. Initially, my being very busy ensured I had no time to think about it. Then, of course Utopia and Shivi and Pheno were always around. So, many weekends were spent being merry.Now people have gotten busy or they’ve moved away.  Now, work is much lighter so one has a lot more time to think, hence it’s not rosy all the time.

The weekend was capped off with lunch at a golf club in Gurgaon on Sunday, where Mercedes had a buy two get one free offer which was being availed. I gaped as the credit crunch doesn’t seem to be affecting everybody 🙂 In the evening, I went with Shivi to Pebble Street in New Friend’s Colony which makes very nice cocktails and is very reasonable by Delhi standards. I’d recommend it and it has sports playing in the background. Maybe not the best place to take a girl on a date if your mind’s on the sport 🙂


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