Posted by: Kaushik | December 1, 2008

nothing to say

The attacks on Mumbai have left me as shocked as they have everyone else. Friends have survived close shaves. Friends of friends have died merely because they were socializing at Leo’s.

I haven’t been to  Bombay since April but I had the good fortune of living there for three years. Three years spent blissfully in a college located at the heart of the city, exploring the by lanes of Fort and Colaba and finding solace by the seaside.

I’ve only been to the Taj Mahal hotel twice. Once as a kid and the second time, a few days before I left Bombay for good in 2005. That particular day was extremely upsetting personally. But, these days have been as well.

What is safe anymore? Nothing, I suppose. But, this time don’t dismiss the attacks by saluting the spirit of the Mumbaikar. The average Mumbaikar has a lot of spirit, but it’s the duty of the government to maintain that spirit.

Otherwise, my thoughts and prayers are with the families who’ve suffered so much during this ordeal.


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