Posted by: Kaushik | November 18, 2008

The man who has no name

I live rather close to my workplace. Close enough that I used to walk both ways when I started work. But then other distractions decided to come into the picture which meant I walked only one way. I work in an office which is in between two hospitals. In between these two hospitals exists a road. Some bright souls decided to develop the road and built some properties. So, I have started taking the auto to work and I usually have a hell of a time explaining where exactly my office is located. For instance, it’s 20 rupees to the hospital gate but it’ll cost 5 Rs more to go in to the extra 100 metres behind the hospital. But then again you encounter the people who charge you Rs. 25 to the gate and start talking about honesty if you ask them to go in further and are not willing to pay the extra Rs.5. Just to let you know, the actual fare on the metre is Rs. 15.85. But then again, who uses that huh?

For the last three months,there’s an autodriver who sits at the head of the auto stand and knows I’ve to get off behind the hospital gate. I don’t know his name and he doesn’t know mine. As I walk toward the auto stand, we exchange knowing glances and I get in without a word and we speed off to our destination.

I get off and pay him the usual rate and there is no acrimony. It’s a mututally beneficial arrangement.

It’s nice to know small little things like these can make one’s day.



  1. reminds me of the fellow at that stall on platform 3, marine lines. i would have an orange juice every afternoon/evening on my way home from college. after a couple of weeks, he started getting the juice ready the moment he spotted me entering the platform from the end…and this actually went on for a couple of years 😀

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