Posted by: Kaushik | November 18, 2008

out and about in Delhi

I went to Mezz in New Friend’s Colony a couple of weeks ago. It used to be my cousin’s favourite haunt when he used to live in New Friends Colony. I liked it a lot because it was reasonably priced and the masala peanuts were spicy. Was washed down rather well with the beer you see. They played Pink Floyd and switched to Zeppelin eventually. I think the only downer was I went with a friend and she was like the only girl there and people were starting to stare. But apart from that, I quite liked the place.

I also went to JNU for the first time on Sunday to interact with Comrade Menon who was eager to show off the campus and his regular haunts. Met some old juniors from Xavier’s and some classmates of mine from there as well. I quite liked the campus. I intend to go back there again very soon. The night was capped off by a beer at 4S, which has sort of become like our ‘adda’. In the wake of the smoking ban, it seems relatively easier to get a table also these days. But, more than 4S, I love going to Defence Colony because of the great bakeries and the amazing Paan.

I think I will be hopefully starting to get out a little more now that many pressing commitments have finished. I’m waiting for the weekend..


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