Posted by: Kaushik | November 3, 2008

worshipping false gods

This was all bound to go so wrong.

I put you up on that pedestal thinking you were so great and then what? Reality set in. I asked myself if you were worth all the effort? Probably not. Does that cheapen my earlier beliefs? Maybe it does.

You’re still great but the euphoria’s long worn off. I ask now as to why it was me? Just seemed right at the time I suppose.



  1. You live, you learn, you get another chance to get smashed on JDs.
    Can’t think of a better way to go through life.

  2. sillyyyyy boyyyy! am i guessing right!!!!! naaaa! this is too vague!

  3. It was meant to be and I wrote it a long time ago. I just posted it now..

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