Posted by: Kaushik | October 22, 2008

feeling lucky today?

I’m not the type who believes in superstitions. I mean, I believe in wearing my lucky blue checked Dockers shirt for quizzes. I remember Sups used to wear a red check shirt to quizzes. Her lucky shirt if it were. But hey, we did win a lot of quizzes 🙂 I believe in not shifting positions from a seat if a wicket falls in a cricket match or a goal is scored. I mean, that’s not superstition is it. 😛

I’m wearing an olive green shirt today. Have I ever told you how much I love olive green? Probably not. My mum got me an olive green shirt when she went to Pattaya for an office meet. I remember how we’d refer to it as the army green shirt. There are certain things which make you sentimental. Like the BCCI World Cup 99 shirt which I’ve had for 9 years now and refuse to part with. The olive green was one such. Parties and nights out in hostel. Many good memories even.

Then my stupid brother flicked the shirt. It became his ‘lucky’ shirt he claimed.  He wrote his law school entrances with that shirt and wore it to parties in Pune. Clearly, it survived well 🙂

Now, I have another. It makes me feel good. Like everything will be all right. Ah, the things we use to shield ourselves from the world 🙂



  1. OMG, ILU. I’m saving that shirt for a day of huge-ass presentation now.

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