Posted by: Kaushik | September 29, 2008

Where we rant about Cafe Morrison

I moved to Delhi, a little short of 10 months ago. The first time I went to Cafe Morrison was on Christmas Day to meet my cousin as it seemed like the best place to coordinate considering my unfamiliarity with Delhi. I suppose it was a sign of the times to come when we were politely informed that there was no Kingfisher. We settled for Castle Lager that day.

Yakka then waltzed into Delhi in February and we went there to meet all her friends from college and people she hadn’t caught up with in so long. Again, further omens were witnessed watching the kids morsch to Rammstein. But this time was infinitely more enjoyable than the last when we were allowed to go up on top and have a private DJ to ourselves who was busy belting out Pearl Jam and Alice In Chain requests. In between, I went with Fatty as well who didn’t mind the place. Due to the fact that it was a Tuesday and relatively quiet, there was some Staind and Nickelback, a reminder of our hostel days of past.

But the next time was the absolute clincher, a time which convinced me I loathed the place. I was out with a good friend and a bunch of her friends. We were privy to a weird sort of intense mating ritual between a 50 year old bald man and a really drunk girl my age. (I’m in my early 20’s if you must know!) I can understand that she was drunk. But, what got my goat more was the fact that the grinding was happening to songs like ‘ Good Times, Bad Times’ and ‘Suzy Q.’ I mean thanks for the image association buddy.I then made a Hell Freezes Over vow of never planning to return again. But then again like the Eagles, I decided maybe some things needed a second shot.

I’ve returned on multiple occasions since because of the fact that birthday and going away parties were celebrated there. But, after Saturday night my misgivings have increased further. People talk about how great the music is at Cafe Morrison, I won’t refute that entirely. Yesterday, there were a couple of nice Counting Crows songs, some RATM and ‘Word Up’ by Korn, which is one of my secret favourites. But, it’s not the music. I love music. From cheri Tamil songs to Kishore Kumar to Coltrane to MS. It’s the whole culture of the place. Frankly, If i had more readers, I might be open to the accusation of being pretentious. I think it’s fine that you’re headbanging to Rammstein, but at 28 really? Also, just previously you were headbanging to Rag Doll. But yeah, that’s fine isn’t it? It’s the story of our lives.

Having been in Bombay and in morsch pits with real metal heads in concerts in Bombay and Pune as well as having attended a Metallica concert, I have an idea of what a true metal fan is and what a wannabe is. Ah well, then maybe it’s Saturday night and everyone needs to let loose. I wouldn’t mind the place as much if it wasn’t so wannabe and if the waiters didn’t stiff you on change and charge exorbitant amounts of value added tax.

Let’s not forget the shoe rule also huh?



  1. oh god! u really don’t like that place! heheh! now nobody is gonna be compelling you to go there i am sure once i am gone heheh!

  2. F@$king shoe rule…. these capitalists, i tell you….

  3. haha! You and your trysts with Morri. Me too thinks they are over for the time being 🙂

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