Posted by: Kaushik | September 23, 2008

Sunday morning

Every Sunday morning I go through Central Delhi. Initially, it just used to be to explore more of Delhi and the fact that I love walking along the tree lined roads, taking in the atmosphere and the calm. It reminds me of Bangalore early in the morning and  some reason of Primrose Hill and Great Portland Street.

Snaking through Sarojini Nagar, on to Chanakyapuri and the Yashwant Place shopping market. After that comes the beautiful Nehru Park, the Ashok Hotel, the long sweep of embassy residences and finally on to Sardar Patel Marg. Then comes the familiarity of poking your head out of the window and looking at Hotel Diplomat or No 7. Sardar Patel Marg which has the signboard denoting ‘Habeel Khorakhiwala and R S Pathak.’

This particular Sunday was windy and typical Bangalore weather. Slightly cloudy and not too much sunshine. As I took in the sights of my now familiar route, with my I-pod on and the wind blowing in my face, I realized the ride made my day.

I can’t wait for next Sunday


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