Posted by: Kaushik | September 17, 2008

Getting used to living alone yet again

Pheno moved to Delhi a while ago. He’s currently pursuing greater things in the realm of economics at JSU. Reading the Mint might help you understand the reference.

Pheno was staying with me originally till he managed to get hostel. But hearing about the bureaucratic procedures to obtain hostel residence in JSU, that itself sounded like it might take a year! Pheno and I go a long way back. I was senior to him in good ol’ NPS. We were then college roommates in Xavier’s in my final year.

It’s nice to have someone you’ve lived with around. Forget the practical aspect of getting the grocer or the dhobi to call without having to crazily coordinate work schedules. Among other things there are the inside jokes of course. The use of ‘guivve’ to get the TV remote, constant ribbing and throwing of zingers and of course the good nights with alcohol and great music and deep introspection about what we want to do etc etc.

It’s a little weird going back to living alone again I suppose. But visitors are due to arrive shortly with both Dubs and Mum to come in October. And it’s always nice to have a familiar face around. Must trek to JSU shortly as well.

On the upside- I get the remote straightaway

On the downside- It looks like I’ll have to coordinate with the grocer and the dhobi

I guess you can’t have everything can you? 😀



  1. Lol.
    Still can’t figure out how the Jack got so over so fast.
    I swear I never took swigs from it when you were at work.

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