Posted by: Kaushik | September 2, 2008

So now I know

I know it’s been forever since I ever posted on here. What can I say? A real lack of motivation to blog appears to be the reason, clearly 🙂

I was just rifling through some old posts and I’ve noticed the contrast over the years. I’m not as hassled as I used to be and I’m a lot more relaxed when it comes to managing expectations about relationships and friendships.

I went back to Bangalore last weekend to meet some friends who studied with me in the Lawndon. I landed on Friday evening at the new airport which is a fair amount farther than the old one. But, a new airport brings with it new memories. New songs, different images when you poke your head out of the window on the car home. I got on a Volvo which dropped me about 5 minutes from home and took about 50 minutes to cover around 50 kilometres, which was extremely enjoyable. Also, excitement levels go up naturally, when one sees the bus traverse through the areas of your childhood.

The weekend was extrememly good fun. Met STD at Mojo along with some friends and of course the original ‘Phenomenon’, not the pretenders to the crown. Afterward, we went back home and picked up AC on the way who wasn’t feeling too well. We went home and gorged on amazing filter coffee and murukku. We later headed out to Legends of Rock where we were joined by Dubs. A host of people came and didn’t make use of their covers so, we were making up for everyone else at the end. I love sitting on the roof of LOR. It reminds me of office parties, of the time just after college and times not too long ago, although they seem like aeons ago.

Sunday was spent eating a good lunch at the rooftop of Tai Tai on top of the Bombay Store gazing at the scenery and trying not to get too wet in the rain. It was nice enough to eat outside when it was raining and we didn’t get wet thankfully because of the canopy cover. Sunday night was a trip to Hard Rock Cafe, which opened after I left and I quite liked. We managed to find a table outside which wasn’t too noisy and allowed us to talk and have a good time.

I’ve realised one thing. Well, maybe not realised. More like, a reinforcing reality is my love for Bangalore. You never realise how much you miss a city until you’re back in it. And this was also the time I realised something else. I don’t mind Delhi. As much as I complain and the fact that there is no shortage of katans in Delhi, I’ve found my own little place in it. To say I’m happy might be pushing it. but, it’ll do for now..



  1. I envy you…not because you got the spend the weekend in Bangalore, but because you feel like you love it. I desperately want to love it, but each time I’ve been back in the last 7 years, it becomes harder. Call my a cynic, or whatever…but I can’t bring myself to accept that this is the Bangalore I grew up in. As much as I enjoy being back there (and I did enjoy my time back there in May), I’m not sure that, in it’s current state, I would ever want to settle in Bangalore again.

  2. I know that I may not necessarily settle down in bangalore someday. But I do love the place. It’s comforting despite the changes all around because it reminds me of a time when life used to be simpler )

    But yeah, you’ve lived in a different city for the last few years. Times change, perceptions change and above all we change na )

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