Posted by: Kaushik | July 6, 2008

Murakami, airports and Delhi

I’ve been reading Murakami’s ‘Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World.’ I read Dance, Dance Dance and Wild Sheep Chase last November when I went on my reading spree in the Lawndon. Funnily enough, Murakami reminds me of the flat in Elephant and Castle. All the characters seem to share a certain detachment and enough passages in the book refer to characters fixing meals and drinks for themselves and watching movies in solitude which reminds me strongly about those days. But I enjoy his writing. It’s rather different and unusual in a way I can’t put into words.

I was at the airport the other day to receive my uncle who was flying in from Chicago. There were two sets of dignitaries who came. A priest was garlanded so much that one couldn’t see his face over the garlands! A Lions Club president quite seemed to enjoy the spectacle and attention when it seemed like the entire
Lions district of Delhi had descended on him to welcome him. My uncle was complaining about the fact that he didn’t get anything!!

Things are getting better in Delhi. I’m a little more relaxed and at peace with myself thanks in no small measure to ze fhrands who I’ve been hanging out with over the last few weekends. House hunting should begin soon and a gearing up for this month, which promises to be quite brutal.  Time’s passing by so fast and I’m trying to let it all sink in and have a good time ..


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