Posted by: Kaushik | April 28, 2008

Tis the life I tell you

I’ve been in Delhi closing in on five months now. I still don’t have a final, damning indictment of the city as such. It has nice sports facilities and you’d have to stretch really hard not to like Central Delhi. With it’s broad sweep of trees and houses glittering in the night time, it brings back memories of Defence Colony in Indiranagar and Palace Road.

The friends are slowly being made and what makes the life infinitely bearable is the presence of friends from Xavier’s. But, they will be gone in a month’s time. I’m looking forward to going to bangalore in May. Meeting some of my friends hopefully and to attend the wedding of two of my closest friends. The fact that I’m pencilling in holidays to ensure that I can attend weddings tells me that I’m getting old and lots of my friends are getting married this year.

But, work has been brutal and enjoyable for a large part also. I went to Bombay on work and didn’t manage to meet too many friends but it was still nice to be back in Bombay. I’ve been working weekends for a while and it’s gotten to me to a point where I can’t relax anymore. Which is why, the Bangalore trip can’t come any sooner.

Otherwise, I’m waiting for next weekend when I shall hopefully have no work in order that I can get plastered.



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