Posted by: Kaushik | January 27, 2008

meandering meanwhile

Around this time last year, I was rather excited because I had managed to land an interview at a very prestigious firm and I was also looking forward to my brother’s visit of the Lawn-don. I remember February being one of the darkest times for my in ability to make it past the first stage of the process.

 One year on, I have a good job and more settled than last year but I’m more scared than I ever was. It’s so weird that I can’t explain why that is so. Any suggestions?



  1. that’s the fear that your brother may not have left ‘the da-li’ soon enough. I think i burned a hole in your wallet.

  2. Ha ha!

    You should”ve seen the senti you were putting when we went to meet Rohini later in the night. The wallet is still fine. flush with a pay cheque. But the money goes out as soon as it comes in. sigh, the story of my life..

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