Posted by: Kaushik | January 16, 2008

Very belatedly for November

Some things in life were never meant to be easy and saying goodbye to friends falls quite easily into that category. Sometimes all you need is a trigger to be transported back to those times of not so long ago. Being away from them finally helps me appreciate the import of moving away. Listening to the songs playing in my head as I used to walk across the Thames or traversing the streets of London bring with it a whole sea of emotion, threatening to engulf me.

 For those lunches in the middle of the day, the coffees in the evening. The amazing house party crashing in Angel, the endless games of pool at Elbow Room. The Samuel Smiths at Borough Market and Fitzroy Tavern. Brunches at La Tasca. That amazing house party in Crampton Street and finally to top it all off, the farewell dinner at Las Iguanas.

 To those great friends I made there and to those there I wanted to spend more time with, I’ve never had a greater time. So, goodbye came at Wednesday morning 6 a.m. with the words of ‘In My Life’ while pulling away from the magnificently lit Tower Bridge. It somehow captured all that I felt, all that I wanted to say and left unsaid.


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