Posted by: Kaushik | October 8, 2007


We went to Mysore for the weekend. It’s a city which brings back memories. Of a time when we got to stay at Rajendra Vilas when I was 4 journeying in that lovely old Fiat of ours. Having my uncle breaking the speed limit and being scared the crap out by some rather belligerent cows. rushing back to hear exam results or to write tests the next day. but, this time the trip was merely peaceful. we were staying with some family friends who’ve taken up an academic assignment there and it was relaxed. Swimming, table tennis and mindless Tamil movies. Listening to songs we used to as kids on road trips. Mouna Ragam and Punnagai Mannan along with some latest hits thrown in for good measure.

It’s a trip which caused me to think, introspect. Something I seemed to be having a lot of time for.  Maybe, it’d be easier if there were no mess ups and faux pas and that foot-in-the-mouth thing. All that seems to make life interesting eh? Ah well, tis the life. This nothing post should sufficient encapsulate what’s happening with my life at the moment. Nothing. But I’d prefer a departure from this zen like patience and calm to something more fast paced.

Ah, longings..



  1. U bastd ur back in India?! Im coming to chennai from Nov 1st to the there!

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