Posted by: Kaushik | August 22, 2007

All of a sudden I miss everyone

I get the accusation of being too’senti’ at times. Not sentimental, ‘senti’ :P. Ah, today night was spent meeting a friend who’s leaving on a holiday. Met him while we were playing baski and he’s turned into a good friend of sorts, so much so that he’s allowed me to abuse his hospitality. Not that I intend on doing that.

I can’t even start about the things I’ll miss. time’s flown by really fast. but a tempering of expectations arises, I can’t expect this to go on forever. If it does, great. If not, fucking awesome memories are what I’ll leave with. With an outer exterior of hope and an inner feeling of cynicism. Which triumphs is the fucking million dollar question innit>



  1. awww my ‘senti’ pashu 🙂 yes I too have some happy-sad thoughts. I am excited though (did i mention that already today?lol :P) All in all, good times.. leave it when the times are still good 🙂 They make for better memories 😉

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