Posted by: Kaushik | August 16, 2007

fine coordination

Today was a friend’s birthday and we went to this restaurant which served dimsum exclusively. It was quite nice. Called ‘Ping Pong’ dimsum with a fairly long waiting line and no reservation policy. But, the only drawback is it requires you to eat with chopsticks. A feat I managed rather messily and I got a few smiles from my friends and at the end of the meal, I would’ve worn the nickname ‘Sir Drops a lot’ with elan. But, it was an experience in itself. I remember Chandu trying to teach me how to eat with chopsticks once in Gordon House and failing miserably. Possibly that was linked with inability to coordinate fine finger movements on my part.

Listening to a couple of songs at the moment. Music more often that not calms me down. Today, I’m just plain irritated. I can’t tell you what I’m irritated with but sometimes I feel I could give up this facade of calm and not losing it. I mean I’ve snapped a couple of times here and there but I’ve never really lost it. sometimes I want to just go off and tell people what I exactly think. But, that never happens does it. I come back home and listen to ‘Down In a Hole.’ Funnily enough that calms me down.

But, more than anything of late, I’ve been listening to Bush’s ‘Letting the Cables Sleep’. Whatever you say it’s all right, whatever you do it’s all good. Reminds me what that feels like. Of a time not so far ago..



  1. gosh, glad i didn’t come then. I would have got no food into my mouth. i suffer from what they call… wait, there is a name.. what is it Mr Quizzer? 😛

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