Posted by: Kaushik | August 9, 2007

You’ve two bad habits

I was walking outside the LSE library today and I was accosted by a Sardarji who decided to stop and tell me that I had a lucky mark on my forehead. He decided to then tell me what problems I was going through. He said I was short on luck, occupied with thoughts constantly and that I had two bad habits. He said my first bad habit was to tell my friends what’s on my mind. I politely asked to leave before he got to the second habit as I was more troubled by the other observations. I mean it was seriously uncanny when some stranger walks up to you and looks through you.

I proceeded to promptly tell my friend possibly against the wishes of the good astrologer. but, it got me thinking anyway. I can’t disagree with the fact that I usually tell all my friends most things. But then where is the line? where do you learn to handle things by yourself? I’ve gotten more used to being myself this year and keeping myself occupied. It wasn’t easy initially but it has gotten better. I’d like to be more street smart and possibly not show my emotions as easily as I do now. While admittedly it used to be worse, one hopes it gets better.

This is a trying time indeed at the moment when everyone is immersed in their dissertations and I’m in sort of mine. In between are all these good-bye dinners and drinks and parties which are truly happy-sad in that respect. Happy, that you’re getting to spend time with them and sad that you wished you could’ve spent more time with them throughout the year. People whom you didn’t know existed, whose blogs you read but never knew, whose facebook profile you saw but never met all become part of your life and you wondered where they’ve been all this time.

But, it’s the memories that I’ll cherish. Of beer can in one hand, frisbee in the other and running around Regent’s park like it was the’ Frisbee’ World cup. Pool at the ‘Tuns’. Summer in London is truly blossoming and I’m headed toward the exit. That I shall leave for another post.

P.s. The astrologer did say that I’d have 3 lucky things headed my way in September. I hope one of them’s a Ferrari..



  1. Is You Harry Potter?! lol..ritu was asking how u was a cockeney accent yet? šŸ˜‰

  2. It’s a bit hard to pick up a Cockney accent in London where the British are in a minority.. šŸ™‚

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