Posted by: Kaushik | August 3, 2007


Listening to what you did today, it ruined my day. Honour, tradition and truth are important guiding lights in one’s life. How could you be blind them to all? But above all, you hurt someone I love incredibly badly. What’s the point of it all? Maybe I’m judging you too harshly. Maybe I’d give you the benefit of doubt. But I’m disgusted and you know she deserves better. You broke that edifice without even trying to give it a solid foundation. You crushed that free spirit like it were a ant on your bread crumb. Days like this just remind me how some people can disgust to an extent thought impossible..



  1. ah well, as someone very dear to me says- ’tis the life 🙂 People will move on and be fine. I always live in hope. No matter how disillusioned i sound sometimes, I hope and pray they all do.

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