Posted by: Kaushik | July 22, 2007

random thoughts on the last few days

I started this post wondering whether to actually say what’s happening and everything related to it. I’ve started this blog post over and I just realise that it’s difficult to tell you what I’m going through at the moment because I can barely understand it all myself. But I’ve been trying to work and generally make it all happen. I did manage to go for the ‘Lord of the Rings’ musical and it was a mind blowing experience. We got amazing seats. Student discount does wonders for you in the Lawn-don. The sets were utterly magnificent and Shelob and the Balrog were depicted fantastically. The musical experience is not so much about the story but more for the amazing sets and the stage and the effects. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Playing basketball quite often these days and that’s something I look forward to every week. Walking back from basketball back home and taking in the smell of freshly baked bread with the realization that you have no money on you, has to be one of the most frustrating moments yet. Saturday was spent visiting a relative in Kent whom I’ve met once before when I was 13 who still remembers that I had a keen eye for sports trivia at that age. Some things never change. The thing with lots of the extended family we met at an early stage would be as my cousin puts it, your mum calling you to say hello to some mama or mami while your primary activity at family weddings was to get the cricket ball and bat and convince your uncles, cousins and aunts even to come out and play in the wedding hall compound and give the wedding a miss. There were times when I believe nadaswaram players and cooks have been after our posse for hitting the ball too hard and wildly into hazardous zones.

Back to the topic on hand, having been fed and given dessert, we bid farewell with further promises to visit. We managed to get back extremely quickly to London Bridge and to my delight, there was an AMT coffee stand. I love AMT’s chocolate milkshake. Call me kiddish but I can still remember exiting Heathrow as a precocious 11 year old in 1996 and helping myself to an AMT chocolate milkshake that cold April day 11 years ago. Whenever I see an AMT coffee stand, my eyes light up. Heathrow, Paddington, Waterloo and London Bridge are my favourite stations for a reason.  Wandered off to Brick Lane with the usual gumbal and had a good time.

But, there is this strange emptiness. The feeling that I’d like more. Another that I’d really like to be home. Wandering around stations looking at black Labradors and thinking about Shadow and actually calling his name out to see if they respond. Time flies but life is just bloody unfair.



  1. These empty feelings are a sign of good times ahead, or is that just me being optimistic? But I really think a confusing phase does you good, as awful as it must make you feel. Don’t worry about it, like you said, enjoy the lil pleasures, for those you’d definitely miss after you leave.

    Cheers! Live it up!;)

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