Posted by: Kaushik | July 17, 2007

the memory remains

There’s something about growing up with a band through your teenage years. It’s not like a life long love affair with the Beatles or Simon & Garfunkel. Those bands are something I listened to when I was a toddler. Sometimes, the great thing about watching a band live, whose every throaty growl, every clang of the drums and every mindless chord of the guitar you know and will never forget for many years to come.

To watch a band you’ve grown up with not too past their prime is something of an unreal experience. You’ve to pinch yourself sometime to see if it is actually them on stage. But, when you see some ageing hipsters come together to put up two and a half hours of classics, you wonder as to how the hell you got so lucky. To be in a concert arena, when there is James Hetfield playing a single guitar line and the whole crowd singing in one voice the chorus of ‘Memory Remains’, you get goose bumps ands shivers down your back. You’d think two and a half decades later, Metallica have lost it and then you hear ‘Fade to Black’ , the creepy laugh at the end of ‘Master of Puppets’ and the classic ‘Enter Sandman.’ You wonder where they’ve been all your life. But, that day at Wembley when thousands of people like me are singing the songs of Metallica as loud as we can, waving lighters to ‘One’, we’re living out the dream of a lifetime!



  1. bastard.

  2. do i sense a little resentment? šŸ˜›

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