Posted by: Kaushik | June 17, 2007

it’s that time of the year again

As I stand cradling my drink at a friend’s penthouse in Canary Wharf, I see an array of lights and London bejeweled in the nighttime. Looking at the water and the quiet swells from the Thames, I’m transported back in time to Marine Drive and the countless times we spent on that water’s edge meditating about life and fostering friendships for a lifetime ahead.

Numerous friends have been made, many kindred spirits and at the same time, I wish I’d gotten to know some people better.¬† Exams are over, the grueling schedule of whole days in the library done with and the holidays have brought with it a sense of incomprehension¬† of what to do next. As I still look over the horizon and the bright lights, I ask myself what next? Where do I go from here? Leaving the familiarity of Sunday lunch at Chennai Dosa, the trip to Borough Market to get brownies on a Saturday afternoon and the purposeful walk from Crispin Street to the Aldwych everyday. it’s time to enter the real world again as there’s no point running away.

There’s a very slim chance of remaining in London next year. It makes it a total of 3 cities in 3 different years. The hardest part about leaving each time is not just moving, it’s packing up your life and putting it away and starting it all over again. Inertia in me craves some lack of movement and staying put for a while. But the universe works in strange ways and let us see how the dice will roll.

Memories fly past and play in my head. Songs remind me of a rainy day and the cold winter and time spent with friends new and old, close and not-so close any more. It makes me happy, yet at the same time leaves a chill.

I finish my drink and I tell myself not to feel sad, that the people who kept me sane and the people whom I don’t know when I will see next will be leaving soon. I try to enjoy my last few days with them and in some ways I’m back where I started last September in London. Just a little stronger and just a little older now.



  1. Time and tide and all that jazz, I guess. Life’s moving faster than I could ever imagine. Has it really been seven years since our paths diverged? 7?? Omigod.

    Wherever you land up, do keep writing..

  2. Don’t lose hope da. You have a long way to go yet, and who knows what the future may throw up?

  3. I agree kauchu..but something tells me ur gonna be around!! so the next time ur having a drink..just enjoy the moment..dnt think!!:)

  4. The place may change but the drink seems to be constant! bloody bevda.

  5. kome back to India Kaushik!!

  6. sigh, how true. I hate endings too. I wish we can start over, do things differently, make more use of the time we have. Why can’t we ever learn to live the goddamn moment? Well, good luck. I say ‘ enjoy the ride when you can’!

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