Posted by: Kaushik | May 15, 2007

Every day is exactly the same

What is happiness? Is it the awesome chicken biryani at Sweet & Spicy cafe on Brick Lane had best with a can of Stella. Is it Friday night drinking games with the flatmates where everyone addresses me as Kaushik Schroider blue? Is it listening to Nine Inch Nails on repeat and feeling like I can conquer the world? Wait, it must be having the song you want to listen which comes up when you put your IPod on shuffle? Or a midnight dash to get bagels on Brick Lane.

Touch wood, the last few months have seen me at my lowest.  But things are picking up. I’m at this stage where I’m indescribably happy. I don’t want to know what it is that’s making me happy. I’m just praying it stays on! To bring me earth, I have this little thing called examinations. Expect little or lots from this space soon depending on how scared I am!

p.s. Listen to NIN’s ‘All the Love in the World’

p.p.s. The blog title is inspired from a NIN song from the same album

And finally, a very happy birthday in advance to my favourite girl in Hyderabad . I hope you have an awesome day watching Manyoo beat Chelski(one hopes)!!



  1. W00t! Thank you, Kausha. * hugs * Come back soon. 🙂

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