Posted by: Kaushik | April 16, 2007

a pop in to say hello

This blog seems to be just hanging on. I’m informed that atleast I’ve one loyal reader. Maybe, it’ll be pleasantly shocking to know that I might have two even! Well, a lot has happened since the last time I blogged. I’ve managed to procure tickets to hopefully see the concert of a band i grew up with. I’ve been outside the country as well. Making my first sojourn into Western Europe apart from London was a trip ranking up there with one of the best I had. I’ve managed to acquire a new nickname thanks to my travelling companions. I played basketball at an indoor gym after aeons!

I went to Paris over the Easter break and all the cliches that I’ve heard came rushing back. I enjoyed the city immensely. It’s an extrememly beautiful city and a must-see for all art and history buffs. Running around the first 3 days and we saw a lot of the sights. Great company throughout the trip. For the unititiated, the trip could have been one of the locales for the epic ‘3 Katans and a yakka.’ I suppose that makes no sense. But a fair bit of regionalistic tendencies spring to the fore when you put 3 Tamilians together. 2 of them IITians. An overdose of lingo possibly which leads to all of us putting slightly gib max fundaes. As you can see, the effects of the trip are starkly evident. We lived in a youth hostel which we had heard horror stories about but was actually a really passably decent place to visit. We did all the touristy things from going to the top of the Eiffel tower to having dinner at a roadside cafe on the Champs Elysees which was a memorable experience.

On other notes, we spent a day at Versailles in lovely weather and high spirits, lying on the grass, sleeping, listening to the IPod, intermittently writing postcards to people whose addresses I could remember, admiring the beautiful French countryside and cold Heineken beer. The last day was possibly the high point in that we all managed to see Jim Morrison’s grave. sitting at his grave and listening to ‘L.A. woman’ seemed just right somehow.

The weather’s been lovely in London and it’s 22 degrees. enough to start taking cold showers again. But, that’s all for now. Hoping to be buried in my books and start work for exams. enjoy the summer my friends.

Updates hopefully will happen from time to time.



  1. Nice to see you blogging again.Listening to ‘LA woman’ at morrisons grave…stuff dreams are made of.
    Whats the new nickname?

  2. Two loyal readers.

  3. make that three

  4. me= Soooo jelozzz !! Man..ur having the time of ur et al..tres bein! Pics please..have a trip planned myself..;)

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