Posted by: Kaushik | February 7, 2007

Party at Finsbury Park

This is what I was doing at Finsbury Park which is the tube stop for the Emirates stadium where I got to see Brazil play Portugal. A kick-ass view meant I was 13 rows from the touchline and close enough to spit on one of the players as one of my friends wanted me to. Not that I did, I wanted to see the game after all..

What a game! Some great football. A chance to see Cristiano, Deco, Kaka and Adriano showcase their magical dribbling skills. What a stadium! It was fucking A! I might even go on to become an Arsenal fan someday but I wouldn’t count on it!:P

The life is good indeed! 



  1. That ref looks a lot like Rutger Hauer. But Wow! Looks like you had a great experience there. Wish I was in the UK, instead of the US, where you go to a basketball game and its all orchestrated applause with bloody music playing like you are watching the game on TV! I want to go see a game at Anfield more than anything though.. Liverpool fan for ever.

  2. @KingSlayer

    I’ve been a ManYoo fan since I was probably 10 and I’m a fair bit older these days. Never seen a basketball game but would like to though. Sounds like fun.

  3. wow..nice pics man..dunno crap abt f-ball but watching it must be great..or is it soccer? No wait..this is lawn-don not USA ;p

  4. Hahahahaha, Cristiano!

    Arsenal is waiting to happen to you, Kausha. It just is. Open your heart, homey!

  5. @ Roswitha:

    For sure, that will never happen!:)

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