Posted by: Kaushik | January 22, 2007

New resolutions and random thoughts

Well, keeping up with the fine tradition of making New Year’s resolutions, I’ve made a few and the most important one to my mind is : See one new thing about London every week. The first term was marked by work and crazed sessions in the library on the weekend. But Saturday has been designated by yours truly as the day of the Lawn-don treat. So far, the resolution has been holding well. The first saturday of the month was spent sampling the free samples of cheese, olives and chocolate brownies at Borough Market incidentally the site where Bridget Jones’s house is located! Next to Borough market is the extremely regal Southwark Cathedral where a memoriam to Shakespeare exists as well as where John Harvard was baptised. The walk to Borough market is a 20 minute stroll from home and a chance to pass the London Bridge and admire the landscape.

Portobello market on the other hand is the world’s largest antique market with rows of knick knacks and shops selling jeweelry, music, trinkets and most importantly food! The trinkets on display do bring back memories of Colaba Causeway. The trinkets here are a wee bit more expensive than the ones in Bombay. But, Notting Hill more than makes up for that with it’s lovely location and it’s row houses. It’s as pretty as the movies. Little sights like the Strawberry Fields nursery home and one of the less observed aspects of globalisation like Himesh blasting out of one corner of Portobello market just add to the whole melange. These outings have been extremely good fun with the flatmates and TJ as well for company.

But among other things, I’ve also been enjoying M & S’s extremely chocolatey mini bites which are manna from heaven. I’ve been on a music discovering spree of late and I’m constantly expanding my selection. Spoon, Frou Frou, Zero 7, the Shins, the Fray, Imogen Heap,Keane, Iron & Wine, Dave Matthews Band and Fuel among other bands are constantly filling my playlists. But ol’ hostel classics like Staind and Led Zeppelin pretty much remain the norm.

It’s India Week at the LSE with the usual parties and thingamajigs. The event I’m really looking forward to is P. Chidambaram’s lecture on the Indian liberalisation experience and which I luckily managed to procure a ticket for. There’s an interesting panel discussion about outsourcing with big-wigs from Indian software companies. I do like the line-up of events.

The cooking has increased ten-fold this term in tune with my resolutions and the investment in olives at Portobello market is proving a good investment with the pasta dinners. ah, the joy when you get a meal right. Little else matters indeed..



  1. Dunno about tool, but the 1st line is quite smiliar to ‘where is my mind’ OST Fight Club..”With ur feet on the air and ur head on the ground..” Nice track. ma blog template looks good but yea functionality is a bit weak..

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