Posted by: Kaushik | January 3, 2007

welcome two double o seven

This year was the first New Year I spent away from home and I brought in this new year in all it’s pomp and finery watching the fireworks display stationed near Waterloo Bridge looking at the colourful display emanating from the Lawndon eye.

In stark contrast to 2006, where i saw a drunk Vivian metamorphise into the spawn of Chucky and Keith Moon. I’m kidding, he wasn’t that scary. It was an enjoyable time. This was also the first New Year’s in 3 years without the hostel brotherhood. This one was an equally exciting one watching drunk women asking me for directions, people being sick everywhere, bottles smashed and kicked around and the formation of police barricades. So, eventually it took us about an hour to get to Butler’s Wharf. But, a delicious omlette cheese sandwich and vodka till 6 A.M. ensured that the start to the year was a good one.

P.s. The hostel fhrands were sorely missed. Somehow, life just isn’t the same.



  1. Somehow, even I’ve noticed life just isn’t the same without me.

  2. I’m wondering which ‘me’ you’re referring to here?

  3. me ME ME!

  4. Harvard..that 1 word is enough 😀 Atb man..I to got them crazy stuff goin on here!

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