Posted by: Kaushik | August 27, 2006

Meme time

I’ve been tagged. So, here goes one of those indulgent whiny rants..

1… Things that scare me


2…People who make me laugh
my friends,


Russell Peters


3…Things I hate the most
refer to Q. 1 and Julia Roberts

Bratty little wannabe intellectuals who can’t think to save their sorry self

4…Things I don’t understand
Girlfriends and ex- girlfriends.

Bangalore Traffic

Ganesha’s drinking milk and of course sweet sea –water

People who talk about the sea breeze in Chennai, hard pressed to find it goddamnit

5…Things I’m doing right now
listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Planning to get drunk tomorrow, on that sobering note I turn 22

Chatting with the Pratman & Reva (yes, men can multitask too!)

Charting out plans for the Lawn-don sojourn


6…Things I want to do before I die
Immortality would be great. But I’ll settle for a happy life.

Buy a BMW

Have a room, which is large enough to house 6 train sets and build the countryside myself

Eat 2 DBC’s in a row

Go on a date with Elisha Cuthbert. I’ll settle for Michelle Pfeiffer actually.

Have atleast 500 Cd’s as part of my collection


7… Things I can do
make Palak Dal

Drive with panache

Talk in my sleep

Do 5-digit multiplication in under a minute

Speak Kannada

Play a mean air guitar and have won a Grammy for ‘Best shower singer’

Remember dates, unfortunate events and other rubbish with alacrity

8… Ways to describe my personality

wishy- washy according to some embittered people. But, genial I’d say.

9… Things I can’t do
Who me? The Namibian Lion is my co-conspirator. You think I can’t do anything. Talk to the lion!

10…Things I think you should listen to
Sup’s rendition of ‘You Were Always On My Mind.’

Prat’s views on the Revolution

Fat Bastard on Artaud or Beckett (never both together, you will die!)


Imogen Heap

Modest Mouse (they’re bloody awesome)

Eddie Vedder singing ‘Man of the hour’ during the ‘Big Fish ‘ credits. It made me want to cry

Richie Benaud at a cricket game

The Namibian Lion on relationships. I can only gape at the clarity he gets

‘Lucky Man’ by the Verve. What a song!!

My grandmother’s stories to make me eat when I was a kid

11…Things you should never listen to
Shobhaa De

Religious fanatics

Fat Bastard’s cover of ‘El Condor Pasa’ even though it is a veritable masterpiece

Karan Thapar

Pratibha Naithani and her ‘ cultural police’.

Deve Gowda’s views on urban development

George Bush on intelligence

‘Aashique Banaaya.’


 12…People I’m tagging (to do this meme)

There need to be readers to tag no?



  1. a) Ashique Banaaya is a master piece and will only be understood after its time. Like Picasso.

    b) You’ve got em readers boy.

    c) Okay, I give up. Men can multitask. or, multi chat. or whatever.

  2. HAHAHA.
    Damn funny, man.

    never both together, you will die! had me ROTFL.

    And I hope you weren’t being ironic when you said: Fat Bastard’s cover of ‘El Condor Pasa’ even though it is a veritable masterpiece

  3. Happy birthday! 😀

  4. @ Kate:

    @ viv:
    You Know…..

  5. Who is this Elisha Cuthbert and why does she have a boy’s name?

  6. You don’t know Elisha Cuthbert?
    She’s Calculus Cuthbert’s second (and illegitimate) daughter.

  7. You don’t know Elisha Cuthbert?
    She’s Cuthbert Calculus’s second (and illegitimate) daughter.
    Since she was an illegitimate child, she couldn’t have her dad’s surname.

  8. Didnt know that views on revolution had takers.Sea breeze exists in chennai.Can find it even in a distant koyembedu.A summer in delhi would be a great idea to realize the difference between a terribly hot city on coast and a terribly hot city away from it.

  9. @ viv: sad sad joke

    @ Prat: I didn’t say they were takers. they just had to listen to it. that’s all.

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