Posted by: Kaushik | June 14, 2006

a night with the Gulti Guevera

Although there were references in passing to Vivek. V. Narayan and Jack Kerouac fleetingly that night, this is with reference to our encounter with a budding socialist one cool night in bangalore.

After watching a listless England overcome Paraguay, we went out for a beer and then the obligatory trip to corner house. We were driving around when we get a call from the Prat who's on a fly-by-night operation from chennai. He's in IISC he says. the other end of town. but does that deter us? no effing way. we set off with the hip hops and the head banging quartet comprising moi, my navigator(chandu), Phenomenon and Dubs. We lowered the volume when we were nearing police checkpoints. there are a lot of breathalysers conducted in Bangalore on the weekends believe me!

Having picked up the Prat, we headed back home with Menon driving us home. Then we get a call from Dittie who asks if we're awake.we say fucking yeah and we head to pick him up to come back and ostensibly watch the match. We stop 5 minutes away and come back because our navigator wanted to listen to RATM. with RATM playing and the windows down and speeding on ring road, the life indeed does not get better. One of our members was feeling very heady and he sat on top of the car while we drove around the streets singing along to 'Wake Up.' Dittie picked up, we headed home. Saw Argentina whoop Cotes d' Ivoire and in between shots of Absolut and vodka cocktails, we had a personalised interaction with 'ent Ra? Namma Gulti Guevera.' Socialism side by side with Absolut Vodka. the imagery i say. Look at the metaphor for revolution as one lit fart I know would've put it.

Yeah-yeah-yeaheee, I fell asleep with Ice Cube playing in my head and the memory of a beat night still fresh with the dhinchak, Ice Cube and RATM. Peace….



  1. we should do this again sometime…whats life without a little hip-hop and traipsing across the city at twelve in the morning?

  2. Did you know Alberto Korda, the photographer of Che’s famous visionary-looking-at-the-horizon snap took Smirnoff to court cos they used the snap on the bootle?
    ‘Socialism side by side with vodka’, apparently didnt work for him either!

  3. @ Menon- definitely, m’boy

    @ Lit Fart- :D, ah i remember that now.

  4. and i see that you haven’t added a link to my blog on your site. does this mean you don’t love me any more? *sniff*
    i smell the handiwork of anirudh behind this.

  5. Damn, I wish I’d been there.


  6. it would’ve been fun. 😀

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