Posted by: Kaushik | June 5, 2006

Arbit stuff

Work has been going rather well. But not so demanding that one does not have time to blog. I'm typing this post out for the 2nd time as the internets failed me on the first occasion.

Got a good appraisal at work and an exceeds expectations.  To celebrate that, one has to go to the bookshop and the music store as well. got 10 books, yup you got that right! 5 from Premier, thankfully Mr. Shanbhag's lease has not run out yet!(Phew) 5 from the strand book stall sale which was a rip-off as usual. They advertise upto 80% off when that's the discount they give you on dictionaries, cook books and astrologer's sun sign books. their most expensive editions also go on sale which means you always get ripped off. The bleddys.

Met Pawee after a long time some time back. It was good fun catching up with her after so long and it was hilarious to hear her stories again. We took a drive around Ulsoor, Infrantry road and FraserTown. I gave her few tid bits about Bangalore's history and some of it's specialities. Despite my deep love for Bombay i'm very much a Bangalore Nazi at heart.

 Met up with the lawyer fhrand from Pune a while back, an extremely enjoyable time was had. I think this peaceful meeting up friends is a nice routine and i wouldn't mind being a slave to that routine. Chin & Sod also caught up with me. It was good fun.

Haven't meant the boys in awhile for a drink. But WC-2006 beckons and i expect many nights with Pringles, hara wala botal ganga jal and riotous hooligans to be focussed only on the TV screen in my living room. 

Dubs also got into NLS,one less person i have to support thankfully!:D  



  1. Yay, now there’s more funding to spread around for us jobless bastichs. Thanks Dubs.

  2. I really don’t think I need to fund you at all. you’re doing quite well working for a reputed MNC in ze Hyderabad.

  3. hara wala bottle is doing the rounds a lot of late, i see.

  4. It’s the symbolism pa of football hooliganism!!

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