Posted by: Kaushik | May 14, 2006

Of Conversations and a little more

Hullo to all, my many fans(not). Well, again I seem to be specialising in posts about nothing. They seem to make more sense. I guess i'll be using initials here for want of unwanted notoriety. This isn't meant to be esoteric or something.

On dope:

Me: So, did you bring some stuff to smoke up here?

P: No da. I don't score da, I just smoke.

On marriage:

A: So, do you know why people get married?

Me: Uh, no idea

A: Because there is no hostel for life.

Me: Whatay line.

On watching Naomi Watts on television:

Me: She's so hot macha. Can you believe Heath Ledger dumped her?

D(with a straight face): For Jake Gylenhaal obviously.


On weight loss:

Me: I'm well on my way to my first year weight

A: that's crap shit. what have the gym people been telling you?

Me: I need to lose more weight, 😛

A: you're losing your mojo , man. We'll have to call you AFG(Average friendly giant) instead of BFG

Me: That's good no?

A: Women want teddy bears(with love handles) not bronze bodies.

Me: Speechless!

On corner house: 

Me: I went to Corner house on sunday

A: Why the fuck didn't you call me?

Me: Dunno

A: So what did you have?

Me: I passed on the chocolate ice cream

A: What the …? I can't even look at you! 



  1. Hahaha! ‘baby,I love your handles!’

  2. Why thank yew! As creepy as that may be!

  3. lol i’m sure i know who the initials in question are.
    you missed out the funniest of them all:
    P : “what do women have that men don’t have…?”
    oh man those were the days….

  4. I couldn’t use that comment macha. that would’ve been the death of ‘you know who’!!

  5. Hilarious!!

  6. thanks!!

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