Posted by: Kaushik | May 8, 2006

Wanted: a hangout

We all went to Opus yesterday to enjoy 'Karaoke nite' ala Not Just Jazz . Atleast we tried to. But to our dismay and consternation, we were informed of a cover charge which did not previously exist and if one were to gain entry, no guarantee of a seat. The price they say one must charge for success.

Fine, we trudged along to Spiga. We waited for dinner for a long time and met Krishna's parents who dropped in to say hi. Dinner done, at 11:25 we were all wondering what to do. Nothing was open, everything was shut. I'm not much of  party/clubbin' person. but when you pull out most of the stops to go and out and ensai yourself, you wonder why some more places can't stay open. Bombay was way much cooler and Pune too testifies Dubs. Maybe places can stay open longer if they decided to give the cops a round on the house when they come around.

So when I'm 64, maybe the clubs will stay open all night. But, despite how harassed I was while getting the car out at Opus, I had a great time with all me friends yesterday. I'd also like to go to Opus sometime.

ah, longings.



  1. a little birdie tells me karaoke night is also on wednesday.

  2. Does that mean you want to go there on wednesday night?

  3. …..erm. it could. but, i’m too scared to suggest it. so, its all upto you brothers.

  4. :D. I’m sure we can work something out!

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