Posted by: Kaushik | April 25, 2006


A return to blogging with nothing substantial but a small brief update about life. Congratulations are in order for lots of people. first to Chin and Sod to making it to Rice & Austin respectively for their masters. counting Pratso there will be 4 of my very good friends in Houston next year, although Udit might be interning in sunny California. Congrats to Fatty for a major breakthrough in his quest to become the quintessential Bombay theatre professional( no sarcasm intended at all). To Grannalu as well for he will start training people in Gurgaon in June. Much love and hopes for Toru for a great year ahead as she turned 21 yesterday. The Little Master also turned 33, may there be many more India victories and centuries.

I’m kind of stuck in a rut right now. currently occupied with organizing my prep for some exams and courses I’m planning to join. Plans for a trip to Hyderabad have been cancelled thrice thus far due to other commitments propping up all of a sudden. Goa was nice while it lasted. Too short again, I felt but oh well. Plans to visit people before I leave in September are being drawn up. Yessir, all-in-all a busy time ahead. On a brief note, I’m off to Sri Lanka for 5 days with Krishna’s family minus Krishna. It’d have been nice if he could have made it. The schedules just don’t seem to match though!



  1. goddammit! All this success keeps on reminding me that i failed my learners license test. why god?why?!

  2. YOu’re missing that one vital ingredient- ‘intelligence’. anyway, kidding. it happens to lots of people so it’s cool

  3. i’m sure this is not the same “Sod” but just checking. Also, who are all these people coming to Rice (!) and Austin? And “Pratso” is who I’m thinking it is right? Is he coming to Rice as well? Questions, questions and so many people coming to Texas, just when I am going away (for just a while). Anyway, do let them know if they need any help/info/whatever they can get drop me a line. Have fun in Sri Lanka.

    P.S. Damn Wenger! I swear a solemn oath to kick him in the nuts if I ever meet him. Anyone else so inclined is more than welcome to join in the party.

  4. Nope, this is one of my friends fromjschool; RK. Chin has just finished Elec at IITM. ‘Pratso’ is the very same Prathamesh but he’s going to University of Houston. I have given your contact details to Chin. Sril Lanka also is off at the moment. too much violence they say.

    P.S. count me in on the Wenger kicking.

  5. Alrighty, cool, I will make sure that he sees the … uh … magnificent sights to see in Houston 🙂 He is going to join Rice, eh? Hope he likes beer … a lot!

  6. dubs, one question:
    who actually DRIVES for a LL test?
    go to ahmedabad, they ll give you a licence even if you’re blind!

  7. @ Dubs: You failed an LL test?
    all the respect i had for you after your brilliant bouts of fatty-baiting during new year’s has now shrivelled up and died like the last remnants of winter in the cold harsh sun.
    apidye poetry!!

  8. @ Menon: i think you’ve been spending too much time with Fatty.

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