Posted by: Kaushik | April 21, 2006

Randomness rant

Have you ever wondered that you could associate some period of your life with some song which seemingly captured the essence of it all? It might not fit the occasion or time but the song captures the memories as they flow in one by one. sometimes pleasant ones, sometimes unpleasant ones. but they all bring with them a major whiff of nostalgia.

I was driving back home that night after a night out with the usual suspects, I heard 'Someday' by Sugar Ray and it reminded me of the fest we organised after the 10th standard vacations. I was in NPS for 2 years and it was all a hazy memory of 'I Disappear' and 'Californication' and the start of a love affair with Pearl Jam. I went away to Bombay. A strange city with a college life looming there. The one thing i can remember most in first year is walking in the rain towards college on the first day and in typical theatrical style, when i replay that moment, all of us were moving in slow motion. The tunes of 'Staind ' and 'Nickelback' were a constant reminder of the times when those songs found their way into our ears in the rooms when we used to pontificate on life. 'This is The Place' for instance, a song about junkies which reminded me of the time i walked away from my that time love interest.

'Stairway to Heaven'- it was playing when i had my first kiss. Talk about mood muzak. 'Suck My Kiss' and 'Lost' – 2 songs which reminded me of the great times we had at various concerts with them buddies. 'Down In A Hole' courtesy the many times I felt down in my final year. i couldn't cope with the pressure of expectations, relationships were getting strained and I was generally unhappy. I think 'Down In A Hole' used to be on repeat on our sound sytem, Menon can testify to that!! 'Wonderwall' for it was our hostel song in 1st year, 'Last Kiss' in 3rd year with brilliant parodies from my crew. WE used to make fun of some guys in hostel who went all weird when they sang that song.

Finally, I came back to Bangalore. But, funnily enough these songs are the ones that capture the memories for me. the songs play and the events run in the background. It's weird but what joy in reliving such an experience. Talk about the right fit for the occasion.



  1. Hell yes. Probably the most recent was the song , ‘in my life’ by the beatles. I had left my i pod on shuffle at the time and it played when i was in an auto on the way to the airport in pune. I had just found out i had got into nujs 24 hours back. It hit me so hard that i was leaving,i could barely breathe.

  2. ‘In My Life’ that way is a really haunting song. I can see the type oif effect it could have had.

  3. What a lovely post, kaushu! 🙂
    now you’ve gotten me all senti too…

  4. It always wierd me out to be sentimental on a website. I admire your ability to do it.

  5. @ Pawee- thanks!!

    @Krish: I was mulling whether or not to put this post up. Maybe it’s too much detail, I Know. but mainly my friends are the ones who read my blog, so it doesn’t seem to matter really!

  6. Posts like this make me realise how much I miss you.

  7. @ roswitha- i miss you too! Somehow corporate yuppiedom is overrated!

  8. hehe..californication huh..I rem that song and more in NPS 🙂 yea great times..

  9. @ Raghav: I know! Reminds me of them basketball games even.

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