Posted by: Kaushik | April 10, 2006

Swimming in the deep end

My tryst with swimming started when i was about 7. My parents decided that Dubs and I had to learn to swim so we were promtply enrolled in a swimming class. It started off ok until the coach decided to push me in to the deep end. After seeing that he could possibly suffer the same fate, Deepak started to magically shiver so much that he could not stay in the pool at all. Once he got in he used to shiver so much that he could not stay in the water and would magically start to not shiver once he got out of the pool.

I would devise more innovative schemes. It used to be a combination of making my nose bleed once i got into the pool along with copious amounts of tears and frantic reproachments to my parents along the lines of 'Don't you love me? How could you do this to me?' We both finally succeeded as we were taken out of the swimming class.

After numerous stops and starts, i finally learnt to swim by the time i was 12 and somehow grew to love the sport. Maybe, the reason being you could always have snacks and juice after a swim at the club! :P!

But somewhere along the line, swimming became a method of release from the heat. but of course, you'd have the girls talking about who had the nicest swimsuit or which boy they had gone to which club with. Then you'd have the supposedly better looking guys trying to impress the girls in the pool by behaving as nuttily as possible(read bonking each other's heads and trying to take off each other's trunks). i on the other hand would wobble across the pool trying to desparately swim the lengths and puff and pant after the completion of 1 lap.
But apart from swimming seriously, some of my most fun times in the pool have been when we were playing diving catches or water polo. There is no greater feeling than diving 3 feet backwards to pluck a catch out of the air and go underwater with the impact but the satisfaction of knowing that you've done good. Or throwing a goal past a six feet tall goalie who was broad shouldered when you were only 13.

But of late, the pool has become part of the mobile wireless network of life that we live in. there i was on sunday evening furiously swimming laps when I overheard this bald guy talking about his job failings to his global delivery head. Some of the lines are reiterated below for your enjoyment along with my reactions in the bracket.

'I was the one who supported the summer intern programme as they bring fresh ideas and youth to the table.' we'd be nowhere without them( Sure, Bell Labs is running on borrowed ideas from some dumb hick in Satyabhama)

'I wanted to tell you that nobody listens to me. i keep putting myself out there but there's no response( Try harder macha)

'Don, i must tell you that youngsters are looking to use a big company's brand name like Lucent to gain a reputation, while companies are trying to associate themselves with you in order to build their brand name( Laid it on a little thick didn't we)

Blah blah, the same shit goes on. If it's not about companies and jobs, it's about heating pools. the last bit's irrelevant anyway.

Life's good. It keeps me entertained!

P.s. Just remember to be in the deep end so that you can hear the juicy tidbits about life.



  1. dont make fun of the shivering da!it was a medical condition.

  2. please help me set up my blog when you have the time.

  3. Medical condition. you never went to any doctors, fraud byaatch!!

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