Posted by: Kaushik | August 29, 2005

Coming of age

21 and countingAlea Jacta Est- the 24-hour online web bhlag of the BFG has pulled off a coup of sorts. On the occasion of the author�s 21st birthday, it managed to track down the author and it presents the exclusive interview below, which includes juicy tit bits about the author�s life, his passions, his real name etc 

Oh my goodness, it isn�t true is it? Tell us it isn�t true, BFG!!
Walk in with a swagger and exaggerated air and announce: Yes, indeed I have turned 21. I�m afraid it is true

What does that mean more importantly?

I can legally drink beer now in Maharashtra, which of course I don�t give a fig about as that rule has been violated before. Secondly, I�m supposed to take responsibilities for all my actions. Damn, that means my mum won�t clean my room anymore. Just when I thought we�d reached an understanding on that. Ah well, the trials we withstand. It separates us Men from them boys.

Any regrets at this stage?

Yeah, some regrets. I don�t have a goddamn French beard as of yet. Where was my dad when they were handing out genes for facial hair? Far away obviously by the looks of it. Rumour has it that he was 25 by the time he got a beard. So, a beard is a distant dream for me and I�ve to resign myself to goat fuzz and decoration on an otherwise spotless chin.

My second regret is not having watched Pearl Jam, RHCP or Tool in concert. Vijay Nair, has promised to bring these acts to India. Well, well. I�m waiting with bated breath.

My third regret is not having learnt Carnatic music. As a child, I took vocal training before I decided I did not want to joint continue and I used to make my nose bleed in order to not go to these classes. I used to make my nose bleed when I had to go for swimming lessons as well. I see a pattern here. But my not knowing Carnatic music has denigrated me to the status of Resident Heathen in Bangalore, which makes me persona-non-grata at most family functions. I will try to rectify that soon. The stares you get from some family members makes me feel that even ice sculptures in Minsk would be warmer and more generous in their disposition towards me.

What was so great about this birthday?
Well, it was a momentous year and all. Almost, a coming of age party as most people wanted to put it. On the whole, most people were more interested in what I was going to do on that day than me. Ironic isn�t it? I somehow thought I was the one who was turning 21. The greatest bit about that day was firstly lunch with Sup, Chandu, Krish and RK. We went to Indie Joe�s for an all you can eat buffet. Divine baby, divine. The second bit was of course getting calls from all your family, friends and well-wishers. The greatest bit was getting a call at 11:57pm from Fatty on the 27th indicating that it was already twelve. Well, I guess Bangalore & Heart of Darkness do have different time zones. The third amazing thing was definitely a small gathering of friends and family at home to celebrate my grandfather�s 88th birthday as well yesterday evening. Great times coupled with catching up of lost memories meant a greatly enjoyable time.

Any good Gifts you got you�d like to talk about?

Oh hell YEAH! I�m going to make lots of people jealous

Books: 19 at last count. My best haul ever for sure. Notables being
David Mitchell- Cloud Atlas
Jasper Fforde- The Eyre Affair
Erich Maria Remarque- All Quiet On The Western Front
Jared Diamond- Guns, Germs and Steel
Harvard Lampoon – Bored of the Rings
Stephen Levitt- Freakonomics
Kurt Vonnegut- Breakfast Of Champions

Clapton- Chronicles, All Blues�d Up
Shakti- The Best of
Illayaraja & Hariprasad Chaurasia- Nothing but Wind

A DVD writer

Lots. Mwuhahahahaha
I have Money. I have Power. I want to rule the Werld (Mallu proverb)

Clothes & Pens- a fair bit of those as well
Plus a T-shirt, the front which says �Look at Me; I�m a rocket scientist!
The back says- I�m feeling lucky.�
Yup, you guessed it; it�s a Google India t-shirt

From now on, Google will be referred to as Googloo.

Google is based in Hyderabad. When In Gult land do as the Gulties do. Telugu should be learnt I believe just for the sound if it. Therefore add uu to everything.

My goodness BFGlu, how astute.

No, no. Thank Supriya for that pearl of wisdom
But the bestest gift of them all- Sup & Chandu staying over on saturday night and all of us sharing DBC at corner House
Well, twas a very good birthday to say the least.

Any last words?
Oh yes.

I do wish Dubs, Toru, Anuj, Fatty, Smutty, Boo, Dittie, Grover, Grannalu, Prathu,Viren, Rickulu, Udit, Appu and Mal could�ve made it. Of course Shankar uncle as well. there's always next year.

Moment of the day- Chandu in a RED T-shirt with sunglasses giving Rajnikanth pose

Yennu vazhi thani vazhi!!



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