Posted by: Kaushik | June 27, 2005

Stereotypes and hilarious encounters

This post is completely dedicated to those stereotypical things and people and encounters and the little things they do which can make me chronicle these habits in detail and savour every sordid and humorous bit.We'll start of with the first stereotype. A nice 'paadikara payan' or studious boy. A Tamillian too at that. His name is S. Karthik. Chances that he went to IIT and did computer science. Well, Well, Well. you don't even want me to give you odds do you? It's a bloody certainity. 

I just wanted to put that down for a long time. Anyway, now to more hilarious and fun encounters. Networking was one of our family traits. we used it at different levels and in different circumstances. Most of my geek cousins/uncles were busy setting up Virtual Private Networks and stuff like that in some software company or the other. but the previous generation networked like mad to get their sons or daughters married. they knew which girl or boy was available. the in and out of their horoscopes and when they had last sneezed or which family had come to select a girl for some possible match. now that the initial groundwork was done. In my family there were more good looking girls than boys. the boys were usually the disgusting types. the IIT-IIM types who're working in some i-banking job or into academics somewhere. Unsuspecting boys were brought home to see if they were good enough matches for my female cousins. The girls would be made to make coffee and then there would be small talk and a s amll interview would be conducted with the boy's mother playing a really active part. After that, the boy's mother would get a very sly smirk across her face. Very politely almost shyly but commandingly ask the girl,' kanna, voru paatu paadarayama?' Literally translated it means, 'Dear,Will you sing a song and of course my cousins being proficient in carnatic music would oblige. One of my cousins once sang a Hindi love song. the prospective groom was marched off from there with his mother muttering 'heathen, heathen' as she took her son away from there. These aunties have probably brought an amusement to my life i've not known possible. Of course one of my cousins was being pursued by this upcoming Carnatic singer. she was asked if she knew how to sing and would marry her only if she could do so and this IIM grad retorted to the singer if he knew how to cook only then would she marry him. He went away a beaten man and my cousin found true love soon anyway. That question from the aunty about the ability to sing a song has been the foundation of many marriages and relationships. It's almost a precursor to Tamillian Brahmin weddings.

I've lived in Bangalore nearly all my life. People there are rather curious and will quite shamelessly come up to you sometimes and ask you personal things about yourself? They also feel they are an authority on lots of subjects and comment freely. this is one trait i really love the Kannadigas for
Excerpts of conversation: everyone know's everyone else
At Lalbagh
Phaneesh Murthy's parents are going for a walk after the day he has been dismissed from
Infosys after he was found guilty in the sexual harassment suit filed against him by Reka Maximovitch

Third Party: Hello Murthigale, Annsate nim huduga chanage wodadbiti cheshte matte tumba maja maadi dane
Translated it means Sir & Madam, looks like your son has had some fun and done some naughty things.

It happens only in Bangalore. The typical bangalorean will have a 'hogali bidi' attitude i.e. let sleeping dogs lie. It's like an over arching meta narrative. It is the answer to every problem or query posed in Bangalore. It's something which makes me treasure memories of Bangalore.

Namm Uru Bengaluru!!!



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    Stereotypes and hilarious encounters

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