Posted by: Kaushik | June 13, 2005

Salaam Bombay!!!

Well, i’m back home and it’s generally weird knowing that i will not be going back to hostel this year and attending class in Sant Jhavier’s college and all. it’s been a fun filled three years and that with unforgettable memories at that.
10 things that i will miss most are:1. Bitching about mess food with friends

2. Going to Marine drive at eleven thirty in the night and having discussions about life

3. Informal karaoke sessions in the hostel and jamming with the band(instruments being mugs, bottles,buckets)

4. Looking out towards the foyer from the fourth floor to see if there are good looking women to look at

5. Imitating Prof T.V. mathew’s economic lectures

6. Bitching about mess food with friends

7. Going to Purnima to have seriously ahhsome filter coffee da!!!

8. Going to Oval maidan to stare at rajabhai tower and the old clock like Big Ben

9. travelling on the first seat of the top deck of a double decker bus

10. Eating vada pav at Aram

I was extremely lucky as my local guardians or LG’s took extremely good care of me and spoilt me a fair bit. I seriously appreciate whatever they did for me. They made me feel at home. I’ll miss sticking my head out of the train as that’s the only air circulation you’ll get. travelling on the 8’o clock local in the morning from thane and andheri made me realise that it was the first time i actually thought my body parts were not part of my body anymore but squeezed in somewhere where i was numb from the experience. the public transport was something else. but above all else i made some unforgettable friends and met some unforgettable charcters. bombay’s been good to me and i’m even open to working there some day. I’ve been converted from a Bangalore Nazi to a bangalore Nazi cum Bombay lover. There’s something about that place where there’s place for everyone to live out their dreams and be happy. I hated it a first but it’s grown on me.

but the most important thing s i learnt were you can MESS eggs up when i found out rudely in the hostel when i asked for scrambled eggs and was given something like overcooked mashed potatoes. Food was a new experience. being a South Indian food lover, i didn’t touch Idli in the mess. All we got was rock with water mixed with chillies ina cup which according to most ignorant day scholars was amazing Idli chutney. I won’t miss all the shits in the hostel who’d think they were so cool with IQ’s in the negative. traditionally our hostel appoints a mess secretary every year. but this year, they’ll probably appoint this girl called Mia as she comes all the way from bloody ghatkopar to sample the delicacies of our mess.she’s there for all three meals and she likes to hang out in our mess. Imagine. It is said hostelites have not been able to digest their food without seeing her around. Hope she keeps the present batch happy. Idiots are those people who walk into our mess and look at the written menu. Man, they think they’d get some exotic dish. All they’d get was signature Uday cooking. Uday with his big stupid grin while he gives you watered dal and parothas shaped like certain inner clothing and an inveterate tendency to increase our mess bills by hundreds. I won’t miss him. But i’ve been harmed for life. After getting Soya Bean for dinner, my life has never been the same again!!!

Memories are so many and the space too short to go into. Thanks,bombay for the memories.

a Special thanks to shankar uncle,Sushma aunty and ishan for making me take jokes better and giving me a great time.

A special mention to Karan Baba, who made me forget my troubles and made me laugh till i cried sometimes

To all my friends, to even better times and memories



  1. thank you for hostel article

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