Posted by: Kaushik | June 13, 2005

Lessons on Stanislavsky,Artaud and blah blah

For all of you who are wondering what the hell i’m talking about, Stanislavsky was a master who immortalised the system of method acting. Fatty, one of Stanislavsky’s lesser known acolytes took upon himself the task to instruct the Mallu gang as we were called; the finer nuances of Stanislavsky’s system. For those yet to be acquainted with fatty, he shall take over the role of rowdy in my yet to be constructed ‘chai kade.’ Keep checking for details about inaugration of the tea stall. But back to stanislavsky. We were given detailed discourse and fatty must have been one of those people who didn’t know the difference between a monologue and a discourse. the monologues of his lasting way into the night till one of us had to kick him out of our rooms. But, his talks have had their effect. When i look at serials on TV and people mumbling, i remember him screaming out to us the importance of enunciation in an actor. There after i sat just wondering if only they could have listened to Fatty and saved us the trouble. No offense intended. this entry is not tmeant to be funny even though i’ve tried to make it that way. The Theatre of the Absurd was fatty’s baby. He could go on endlessly on for hours about it. But, there i belive i saw true passion and the absolute possession when you’re so taken in by ideas and concepts and i was wondering there never was anything like it which set me ablaze talking about it. I’ve been a big fan of Fatty’s ideas even though he never shut up. Some things were just meant to be put up with. Life is not an absurdist play. But it’s taken on the tune of Waiting For Godot

Nobody comes,nobody goes. It’s just awful!!!


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