Posted by: Kaushik | May 31, 2005

Bangalore in the rain

One of the most beautiful sights in Bangalore is sitting at Ullas's roof top restaurant above Symphony theatre and sampling the badam milk which is piping hot along with uddhina vada which is one of their specialities; is to watch the rain fall down on MG Road. I had the misfortune or should i say fortune to watch the rain on that day when it rained down fast and furious on Bangalore with no respite. The sky became hazy as it were almost clouded with the morbidity of a newly composed Staind song. aaron Lewis is a great singer, too morbid at times though. We couldn't get out and the water soon became knee deep. we soon found an auto driver who was brave enough to say that he would take us in knee deep water with a wet seat and no cover aginst the rain. My brother and i shivered throughout and further down on MG Road, we saw a Fiat which was stranded in the midst of knee length water and this man consoling his girlfriend that all was to be well. Wish i could've been there in those warm confines. We went on and reached our destination only for us to be caught in traffic for two hours and cursing God for sending the monsoons down too soon. I reached bombay today and it's so hot, i feel clausterophobic. I almost wish i could be there in the rain back home and stare at the billboards with upendra endorsing 'Ice Beer' saying yaake cold drink which make no sense to me in the rain but they find greater meaning in Bombay where i feel the constant need to replenish my strength with some liquids and performance enhancing substances (read nimbu paani). 75 trees uprooted in Friday fury in bangalore. But we go back to normal lives and brilliant weather and it is for 2 weeks more only will the pressure cooker lifestyle remain.


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