Posted by: Kaushik | May 20, 2005

Dope on Pink Floyd

I’ve been watching VH1’s Documentaries on Pink Floyd of late. Listening to Roy Harper render his vocals on’ Have A Cigar’, the infamous Celt poet who was worshipped by guitar guru ala Jimmy Page who even acqueisced to play on two of Roy Harper’s albums. Roy Harper was also chosen as part of Led Zeppelin’s entourage for a long time. Pink floyd has a cult following across the world and for many reasons. It’s easy to spot a Floyd number a mile away. wait for the layered melody. I do not wish to go out on a limb and say i do not like Pink floyd. I enjoy numbers like ‘Wish you Were Here, Bike,See Emily Play, comfortably Numb and the like. I wouldn’t call myself a Pink Floyd fan and give you the usual yo- homie repsonse that they rock and ‘Another Brick In The Wall and Comfortably numb’ are just awesome songs or give you a deprecating look that you haven’t heard them even though i might not have heard much more myself. It’s like when people come up to me and say ‘Last Kiss’ is Pearl Jam’s best song. It really gets my goat as that’s not what Pearl Jam is about.  

Moving to further ground, IIT Madras students, family and friends alike have tried to impress upon me for decades now that Pink Floyd is an overarching meta narrative, that it is the be all and end all. Passion they say is a Latin lover’s trademark, the same passion about Pink floyd can be observed with most IITian friends of mine particularly those from Madras.

I prefer Led Zeppelin to Pink floyd anyday because i can identify with the music more. Pink Floyd on the other hand can be responded to with much more clarity with the help of performance enhancing substances. The Wall, a movie about Pink Floyd’s indulgence mainly can be enjoyed for it’s weird nature if one is truly stoned or sloshed with huge quantities of alcohol. I think the dark foreboding themes can be identified with once we smoke up and enjoy it for the experience of it all.

i haven’t smoked up yet but hopefully the day isn’t far when i like my friends from IIT will discover Pink Floyd.

‘If the dam breaks open many years too soon
Fills Your Head with dark forebodings too
I’ll see you….
On the Dark Side of The Moon’



  1. you`re superior.

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