Posted by: Kaushik | May 13, 2005

Labrador Retrievers a.k.a friends,brothers

If ever there was a decision maker in my house, that mantle would fall upon my mother. She blocked the entry of a dog successfully for a large number of years into our house. We finally got a black Labrador Retriever puppy who peed a lot in her house and couldn’t understand why he had to be tied up in the night when we went to sleep. He grew to be a big handsome dog who was albeit quite commonly named Shadow because he did follow my brother around. As he grew I realised certain things about him . He licked everyone who came into the house and wished to be the centre of all attention. He had a perverse fondness to try and bite the gas man or the post man when they came to deliver our house. The only time he managed to chase anyone successfully was when two thieves entered our yard at night and he bit one of them causing their ill- hatched scheme to come to a hasty conclusion.Above all i realised the little things he liked. He loved being scratched behind his ears. I also realised some Dogs don’t like ticks being pulled out of their ears. I later indignantly wondered why? He he. Part of my education. I went away to Bombay to study and everytime i came back for a vacation, i was greeted by this huge black dog who’d jump on me and reach up to my face and lick it with a query as to where the hell were you? Sleeping late was a luxury inaffordable in my house as Dawg as i liked to call him rather stereotypically loved to jump on my bed or squeeze himself between my feet when i was watching TV. 

I say Life is about the cheap thrills and hanging with him was so much fun and now i realise how can i ever live without a dog.

They also say in a rather hackneyed manner ‘All good things come to an end.’ Shadow was hit by a drunk truck driver when he was crossing the road and he was gone. just like that. My brother, hysterical on the phone called me and i didn’t understand at first. Then i cried when it hit. Long and hard.

At some level I still can’t come to terms with it. When i’m watching TV sometimes i half expect him to be there or sleeping in his kennel in tha afternoon and coming back home will never be the same again.

What can i say?

Shadow, You were DA MAN!!!

Love,Peace and God Bless


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